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Scoop Poop

Did you know that the saying “Dog poop makes a good fertilizer” is false?

Dog poop slowly decomposes, so you may not notice its harmful effects right away. After some time, the nitrogen from the stool will kill your grass by first causing a yellow and brown appearance. When left to dissolve into the lawn, it leads to brown patches because solid poop suffocates the grass underneath, causing it to die.

Your pooch’s poop also contains high levels of phosphorus, and According to Texas A & M University, high levels of this chemical prevent the soil under your grass from absorbing essential nutrients like iron and zinc. This combination can make your lawn look less than desirable.



It’s not just brown patches on your lawn you have to consider if you leave your pooch’s poop to seep into soil. You’ll have to get rid of pet waste odors in your yard, especially on hot summer days. The easiest way to eliminate stinky smells is to scoop your pet’s poop frequently.

Is Dog Poop a DANGER to you and your pets? Yes, Absolutely!!
The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) warns that one single dog dropping can contain 3 million fecal bacteria, along with parasites and viruses that can be passed to adults and children as well as other pets.
Illnesses & Infections Due to Doo-Doo:
Problematic Parasites Serious Illnesses Bad Bacteria
Worms Parvovirus Salmonella
Coccidia Coronavirus E. Coli
Giardia   Campylobacteriosis
*These conditions can be transferred from canines to humans.
*Children, seniors, babies, & pregnant women are at higher risk
Dog stool is actually a dangerous toxin because not all dog stools are created equal. There are many dangers and potential risks including death for your pet due to dog droppings in your yard from parvovirus, hookworm, roundworm, parasites, and millions of fecal bacteria. Not only is dog poop a health hazard for your pet, it is also a danger to humans because it can pollute drinking water if it sits too long in your yard.
A few facts all dog owners should know about pet waste:
  • Dogs will produce more bacteria in one day than a person, a horse, and a cow combined.
  • On average, dogs poop twice per day which adds up to 14 piles of poop in just one week, for just one dog.
  • Walking in an infected yard, then entering your home can track in  bacteria that can infect anyone in the household and quickly sicken or hospitalize high risk individuals such as young children, pregnant women, or elderly people.
  • Testing of average sidewalks where dogs are commonly walked showed extremely high levels of bacteria that transferred from the dogs feet onto human shoes.