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What is APAWS?

Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists

Wildcat Scoopers is a proud member of APAWS! At Wildcat Scoopers, we have a standard of excellence regarding what is expected from our service. We are committed to upholding that standard for every client we assist. This means taking our time during every visit to precisely scoop your yard, ensuring excellent communication with you, always being there when you need us, being reliable and consistent with our work, and going above and beyond for our clients to make their experience of hiring a professional pooper scooper exceed expectations!

APAWS, an organization for professional pooper scoopers, shares our commitment to excellence in the pet waste industry. Their mission focuses on raising awareness and maintaining high standards, aligning perfectly with our dedication to providing superior service. APAWS also sponsors annual pooper scooper conventions that we cannot wait to attend! The purpose is to provide continuing education specifically for professional animal waste specialists from all around the country. We get to meet other professionals in the industry and learn how we can improve our services for you!

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