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WildCat Scooper

Hey! my name is Luke Engel. I am the owner and operator of Wildcat Scoopers! And we’re here to handle the dirty work, so pet owners just like YOU can enjoy a clean yard all year round!

At Wildcat Scoopers, we understand that your dogs are not just pets; they’re important members of your family. ( if not the most important! )

Your dog deserves a clean backyard, and so do you! We are the best in the industry, which comes with a few perks:

  • We send you a personalized message when we are on the way to your home. ( that way if you want to let your dog(s) out before we arrive, you can! )
  • We throughly sanitize and disinfect all of our equipment before and after each visit to ensure a hygienic environment for your pets.
  • We take our time to throughly walk through and scoop your yard with phenomenal precision each visit.
  • When we finish service on your yard, we take all of the waste with us, securely close and lock your gate, and send a confirmation message with a picture letting you know your yard has been serviced and your gate is closed!
  • No Contracts

( P.S ) – We highly value you as our client and we are committed to going the extra mile to ensure that your yard remains clean! If we come across anything other than dog waste in your yard, we will promptly inform you and relocate it to a safe area away from the yard. In the event of any trash, we will bag it up and take it with us!

When you contact us, you’re going to hear back from us the same day. We’re easy to get a hold of and easy to work with.

A boy in a purple hoodie standing next to a truck in the snow.

The main reason for this business is to make sure that I inform the community to help pet owners learn the importance of scooping after their dogs, especially young puppies, because of deadly diseases and bacteria. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they have a clean yard free of poop gives me a sense of pride. Everyone’s happy when they have a nice green yard that is healthy and safe for their pets and children. A healthy yard keeps your pets from being exposed to harmful toxins and it keeps your yard green all year round. Check out my information on why you should keep your yard free of poop.